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Scientists have isolated a chemical in cocoa that may help in the battle against Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes, two serious conditions which often share Insulin Resistance as an underlying cause.

Cocoa Could HelpMars, the company that produces M&Ms and Mars bars, says it hopes to make medications based on flavanols - plant chemicals found in cocoa, as well as red wine and green tea - after the compounds were shown to improve blood flow in the body.

"The mounting scientific evidence is extraordinary," said Dr Norm Hollenberg, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, which has collaborated with Mars on cocoa research.

"This is a scientific breakthrough that could well lead to a medical breakthrough," added Dr. Hollenburg, who recently chaired a two-day seminar with 20 science and medical experts in Switzerland to discuss the newest research on cocoa's potential health benefits.

The specific cocoa flavanol molecules responsible for a blood-thinning, aspirin-like effect have been identified for the first time, Mars said. Two clinical trials also found that cocoa flavanols can boost the flow of blood to key areas of the brain, raising the possibility of treatments for dementia and stroke.

The ability of flavanols to improve synthesis of nitric oxide by blood vessels could aid treatment of vascular complications associated with Type II Diabetes, a disorder which currently can only be managed rather than reversed. Before they develop Type II, many Diabetics suffer from Pre-Diabetes, which is often caused by an imbalance of glucose and insulin in the blood stream called Insulin Resistance.

A wealth of research has shown that Pre-Diabetes doesn't automatically lead to Type II. Even relatively minor improvements in exercise and diet can prevent the onset of this condition and subsequent Type 2 Diabetes.

Mars has already launched CocoaVia, a nutrition bar containing 80 calories and specially preserved flavanols.


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