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Dear Customer:

Tap into your resources ...
"Energy and persistence alter all things."
Benjamin Franklin 
...and one day you'll get it just right.


Everyday life takes so much out of us at times that's it's often difficult to find the motivation for regular exercise and a nutritional diet. Even when you're aware that they can reverse Insulin Resistance and bring the multiple health benefits of weight loss.

Finding EnergyEnergy underlies motivation. And if you look at your energy levels from a different perspective, you might find it revolutionizes your whole approach to life.

Ancient philosophies regarded energy as a permanent life force, rather than as a resource that runs down or a short-lived adrenaline rush or even a personality trait that some people have and others don't. They claimed that true life-sustaining energy originates from deep inside everyone and flows like a wellspring into all areas of your life. If you sometimes feel lacking in energy, it's not because you're running on an empty tank. Instead, the ancients believed that energy gets blocked by unhealthy habits, which can include everything from eating the wrong food to getting stuck in a rut or working too hard.

If you unblock your energy sources with healthy, balanced and consistent changes to your life, you'll benefit enormously in body, mind and spirit. Try incorporating one of these simple suggestions into your life each week over the next month to release new levels of energy:

Stress and mental tiredness can be relieved by your sense of smell because aromatherapy has a revitalizing effect. Rosemary, juniper berry, clary sage and peppermint revive the senses, while citrus oils like lemon, orange or pink grapefruit balance emotions. Add a few drops to a bath or light a candle scented with essential oils before you slip into the water.

Change your daily routine before you get struck in a rut. Energize your mind by doing different things, such as taking up new activities like walking and swimming, or reading a new author, trying a fresh restaurant or listening to music you haven't heard before. Limit your TV viewing to only programs you really want to watch, rather than slumping in front of the set for the whole evening. Get hold of the TV Guide and mark in advance the programs that sound interesting.

Cut back on multi-tasking. If you spread yourself too thinly, you could become frustrated and energy-drained by not being able to give one task sufficient attention to do properly. Just do one thing at a time and you may find you get more done, with energy to spare for the next task.

The Finns swear by hydrotherapy, or subjecting the body to contrasting water temperatures. For 2000 years they have believed it strengthens the body's immunity to disease, increases circulation and has a generally stimulating effect on the body. In the absence of a handy sauna and bank of snow, take a shower in the normal way ... then turn the temperature control to as cold as you stand it for 30 seconds. Switch it back to warm for the same period and then experience another quick burst of cold. Repeat 2-3 times on the nape of your neck, back and chest.

Energy in its purest form is the essence of who you are as a person. The more you bring out of yourself, the better you will feel.


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