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Insulite Laboratories

Insulite Laboratories' Management Team

The Insulite Laboratories Management Team blends experience, talent, commitment and drive with a common thread of deep compassion to serve our customers. Each member provides unique strengths and talents that contribute to fueling synergy, creativity, and innovation - assuring continued success for this exciting company.

J.W. Wilson, Managing Director

J.W. Wilson has a 30-year business career distinguished by a diversity of achievements and accolades. His vision and leadership have been instrumental in guiding Insulite Labs from concept through start-up and on to expansion. With Insulite Labs, JW is committed to creating a new medical paradigm that demonstrates business success can be obtained by putting patient needs first, above all other concerns. An innovator in media and communications, he founded the first Japanese television network in America in a joint venture with Time Warner and Nippon Golden Network, started and operated the country's first interactive, computer-based information system and as CEO, propelled the Comcor media firm to become the largest in the Pacific. After developing the prestigious la Madera Holistic Treatment Center, (nationally rated in top 10% by the prestigious Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations),  he turned his attention to educational research and served as president of a training firm  utilizing state-of-the-art accelerated learning technologies. He then created the Advanced Learning Institute where he led the discovery that there is a code in our DNA that must be turned on before effective learning can take place ( He is the author of the soon to be released book "Cracking the Leaning Code." J.W. is also a founding partner of the Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine (VIIM), a leading source of formulas and information involving integrative medicines for animals. His many achievements have earned him international Who's Who recognition in medicine and healthcare, science and engineering and finance and industry.

George Moore, Director of Business Development

George Moore is charged with developing strategic relationships that will enable Insulite Laboratories to reach its full potential as an international health protocol organization. George was formerly the senior principal for Accenture, an international consulting firm, where he specialized in business strategy, marketing, web-based services, and infrastructure development for its strategy practice. Prior to that he served in senior management for both ANTEC and TCI (Comcast), giants in the cable industry where his responsibility included mergers, acquisitions, marketing and $1 billion in products and materials. Fluent in Japanese, George was the founder and President of The Bear Group, a Japanese biometric firm. A former naval aviator with a BS engineering degree from the U.S. Naval Academy and an MBA from Harvard Business School, he also attended the Japanese Naval Command and Staff College in Tokyo, Japan.

Dana DeRouchey, Director of Information Services

Dana's DeRouchey's specialized experience in IT management bridges many disciplines making her contribution pivotal to the professional integration of a variety of technologies. The successful design, development and maintenance of Insulite's presence on the internet as well as its commercial functions are due to Dana's expertise and connect the company with its many customers. An experienced web developer and content manager for both industry and government, Dana's prowess at understanding the financial, communications and marketing needs of her customers has resulted in the successful launch of many important projects and business ventures.

Brian Doubleday, Creative Director/Video Production

Brian Doubleday brings 35 years of experience as a film and video producer/director to Insulite Laboratories. His Big River Blues, a feature length documentary, is currently in production. He recently co-produced Instinct, a Touchstone Films production starring Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding, Jr. In recent years he was producer/director for the regional Emmy award-winning Venturing, a thirteen part documentary series exploring the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. He also produced and directed the regional Emmy-nominated The New Workplace, a four part documentary series which examined the underlying values upon which companies have built successful workplace environments. Both were distributed through PBS stations nationally. Brian was co-writer and director of 26 half-hour episodes of the nationally syndicated Joy of Gardening television series. He wrote, produced and directed the HBO/Cinemax satire Guide to Deer Hunting, and he also wrote, produced and directed a one hour documentary, Worldwalker, the story of the first solo walk around the world.

Catherine Lord, Director of Media Relations

Catherine Lord is an expert in international corporate communications and responsible for the face Insulite Laboratories presents to the world. Her expertise in communicating the corporate image and presence of Insulite comes from many years working in the international marketplace. As director of corporate affairs for Hilton International Co. based in England, Catherine was instrumental in developing and directing their international branding and communications strategies. As a public affairs executive for one of the UK's largest consumer services companies, she fostered productive relationships with clients, shareholders, media, governments, business owners and marketing partners; and as a communications professional in New York, worked on a number of international accounts including the "I Love New York" campaign for the New York State Department of Commerce, Division of Tourism.

Ian Lyness, Editor - Web Sites and Weekly Health Tips

Ian Lyness is responsible for the trove of information Insulite clients depend on for their continued health and well being. His research, writing and editing have developed Insulite's authoritative voice and contribute to the company's substantial body of health-related documentation. As content director of the company's websites as well as the weekly health coaching features, Ian adeptly focuses on topics of interest to Insulite customers and website visitors. A professional journalist, Ian has spent more than thirty years plying his trade, many of them as a reporter, feature writer and critic on London's famed Daily Express and many as an independent agent.

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"I have been on the Insulite System for approx 3 months. I have lost 33 lbs, my liver functions are normal and my A1C came back at 5.1, down from 8.03 months ago. I was taking 10 Glucovance pills daily, now I take only 2 pills in the AM. My blood sugar is normal, my energy is higher than it has been in years and I feel great. Insulite along with a change in my diet has changed my life.

I tell everyone that asks me what I have done to change my life, about the Insulite program. Your product is fantastic. I have cut out all sweets, flour, dairy and have no cravings."
Marta Garcia
  Santa Ana, CA
Insulin Resistance Articles
"In less than 3 weeks I've started losing weight again after being "stuck" on Weight Watchers for about a year. I've lost about 4 lbs since starting Insulite but more significantly my blood pressure is well within normal limits now and I can tell my metabolism is better. I am not getting that slump between meals and am able to control between-meal snacking, and I have a lot of energy throughout the day rather than periods where I need to nap. I just ordered the 6 months supply. Thank you!"
Teresa Ruth
  Boise, Idaho
"Researchers agree that insulin resistance is central to the metabolic syndrome. When target cells are unresponsive to insulin, the pancreas responds by pouring even more insulin into the bloodstream, leading to high levels of the hormone in the blood, a condition called compensatory hyperinsulinemia. The high level of insulin in the blood forces glucose into cells but also starts the events leading to arterial damage and eventually a heart attack. Under these conditions, a person may not manifest either diabetes or heart disease but could well be on the way to either or both."
A. MAUREEN ROUHI, Chemical and Engineering News. November 22, 2004.Vol. 82, No.47  
"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your caring advice and guiding me towards taking control of my health. It's hard to express in words how long I have been trying to find the answers you have so easily provided for me.

I am so excited about the positive changes in my health and I can't wait to see where I am six months from now, yet alone the year. Thank you again!"
  Stuarts Draft, VA
"Simply losing 5-7% of your body fat (typically 10-15 pounds) and increasing your physical activity by taking a brisk walk 4-5 times a week can reduce your risk of developing Type II Diabetes by almost 60%."
Diabetes Prevention Program study 2001, study funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, et al.
"I started your product and found it really boosts my system, helping me get off ground zero, and stop the spiral downwards. It gave me the energy to start exercising and prepare healthy meals.

You are all very supportive, even though I am on the other side of the world (Australia). I am very glad that I am on your product, your weekly messages are also very encouraging, when I am finding things a bit harder. Thank you for everything."
  Perth, Australia
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"A non-pharmacologic treatment for these patients is needed, since drugs prescribed to lower blood pressure have been shown to actually worsen carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in Syndrome X patients, negating the beneficial effects of those drugs."
Duke University Study, results published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, September 2003.
Article by Dr. Sheri Colberg, Phd, FACSM
"I cannot believe the difference the Insulite System has made in how I feel. My appetite has changed tremendously. I do not crave carbs and sugar and my appetite is somewhat diminished."
  Bakersfield, CA
"...approximately 90% of overweight Hispanic children with a family history for type 2 diabetes have at least one feature of the metabolic syndrome and 30% possess the metabolic syndrome.

Our results support the view that improving insulin resistance may be crucial in the prevention of both type 2 diabetes and premature cardiovascular disease in this at-risk subpopulation of Hispanic youth."
Cruz ML, Weigensberg MJ, Huang TT, Ball G, Shaibi GQ, Goran MI.,J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2004 Jan;89(1):108-13.
"To gain the most benefit from modifying multiple metabolic risk factors, the underlying insulin-resistant state must become a target of therapy."
Bogdanovic, Streten and Langlans, Beata, "Metabolic Syndrome: New Opportunities in Diagnostics and Therapeutics", DMD Publications, 2004.  
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