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Do you take extra special care packing healthy lunches for your school-age children and then forget to eat right when you get to work?

Healthy LunchMany of us lead such busy lives that it's difficult and even uninspiring to plan a healthy homemade lunch to take to work. But eating well at the workplace is not only a good way of avoiding weight gain, it's also much easier than you think. Here are some tips that will prevent you being tempted to visit that local fast food restaurant during your lunch break:

If you make lunches for your children, allow time to make your own, too; prepare them the night before if that eases your morning routine.

Plan ahead when you do your shopping to make sure you have enough food for the working week and plenty of variety, to avoid the familiar lament of "there's nothing in the cupboard."

Put together interesting lunches that include essential food groups like fruit, vegetables and protein.

Mix up your food combinations, like a salad one day and a delicious sandwich the next, and try at least one new item each week.

When you're making dinner, cook an extra portion and take the leftovers to work for lunch either the next day or freeze it to eat later in the week.

Keep a healthy snack in your drawer, like an apple or a low fat yogurt, for those times during the day when hunger beckons.

Regularly stretch your legs by walking to the water cooler to have a drink. Water suppresses appetite, as well as being essential for the body. Try to avoid high-calorie, low-nutrient sodas.

Having your meal already made will also give you more free time at lunchtime. So why not take your meal into an open space or local park and read a newspaper. Or invite a friend to join you. Chatting in pleasant surroundings may put you in the mood for a short walk afterwards, with the fresh air and exercise doing both of you a power of good.


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